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GUESTS  are welcome to stay on our houses and small farms on the foot of Mt.Fuji, enjoy home cooked meals, help in the gardens and explore the amazing hiking trails around nearby Lake Saiko and the surrounding Aokigahara Forest. We welcome families with children, pets, groups and events.  

* Prices listed below may change seasonally.  Please go to to see accurate rates and booking. 





 The Fuji Eco Park Village is 5 acre permaculture landscape with ponds,sheep and herb gardens surrounds an impressive Minka center house and various innovative eco-buildings and electric vehicles, powered 100% by solar pv and wind. The park hosts yoga-detox workshops,  internships, weddings and events. 


Whole house, sleeps up to 12 people.    ¥10,000 per person






 Spacious 3 bedroom home in Italian styled villa on Mt Fuji. Large living & dining rooms, full kitchen, private garden and parking. Easy access to Tokyo. Lots to do nearby; Fuji 5 Lakes, skiing, onsens, golf, museums, Fuji Q Amusement Park etc.


 Private apartment, sleeps up to 8 people.     

¥15,000 for 2 people       (¥5,000 per 1 additional person)





GUEST HOUSE at Solar Cafe

We have 2 small guests rooms at the Solar Cafe for people wanting to see the farm and explore the Aokigahara Forest and Ice Caves nearby.


Tatami Rooms              ¥6,000 per person

Hearty Dinner Set         ¥2500  main with soup, salad, drink, desert

Country Dinner  Set     ¥1800  main, salad, drink

Breakfast Set                ¥1200  muffin/toast, egg, fruit, coffee/tea, yogurt

Yurari Onsen Baths     ¥1000 per person (20min. walk)


*At Solar Cafe we have NO shower and bath onsite.   We aim to be self-sufficient and our only source of water is gathering rainfall so our facilities are quite rustic with a solar shower (in season) and composting toilet. Full bathing facilities are nearby at Yurari Onsen Hot Springs which is a 20 minute walk from the cafe and farmFull bathing facilities are nearby at Yurari Onsen Hot Springs with a variety of traditional Japanese baths, herbal sauna, ryotenburo, massage, private baths for couples and families, etc. 






Within walking distance there are many natural features to experience. The Narusawa Ice Caves and Wind Caves are an easy 15-minute hike from the cafe through the Aokigahara Lava Forest. Lake Saiko is a nice half-day hike and great for swimming in the summer. Mt Koyodai just behind the farm is an easy 1-hour hike with a lookout point on top from which you can view Fuji-san and 5 Lakes. Horse riding is available at Kiso Uma Ranch with traditional Japanese horse rides through the forest.   NOTE* We are located at 1000m elevation so night can be quite chilly. Please dress warmly.

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