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How To Get Here

The Earth Embassy on Mt. Fuji is easy to reach, located in Narusawa Village on Rt. 139, the major road connecting the Fuji Goko ( Fuji 5 Lakes). The closest station, Kawaguchiko, is quickly accessible from Tokyo by train or bus. {{By Car}}Take the Chuo expressway to the Kawaguchiko exit, next to Fuji Q Highland. Go RIGHT on RT 139. Drive 10-15 minutes. About 2km after the Skylark/Gusto Restaurant and 7-11, you will come to a traffic signal at Rt 71, and a Fire Station. Stay straight on Rt 139 and 0.8km from that signal you will see the Earth Embassy and Solar Cafe on right side.


{{Address}}Narusawa-mura 8529-74, Yamanashi-ken, JAPAN 401-0320


{{By Bus}}

The Keio Highway Bus from Shinjuku West Exit to {{Kawaguchiko}} leaves every hour and the ride takes only 1.5 hours (1700 yens one-way). A local bus from Kawaguchi-ko Station to the Embassy runs until approx. 5:20pm most of the year and 7:23pm in the summer. The local bus schedule can be very infrequent during the off season, so you may have to wait awhile at Kawaguchiko Station. Take the Motosuko Bus, and get off at {{Koyodai}} station (23 minute ride). Keio Highway Bus info and reservations 0555-72-5111. Local Bus info 0555-72-6877. View Earth Embassy in a larger GOOGLE MAPNOTE (Koyodai is the closest bus stop, but the Fukuetsu (Wind Cave) Bus Stop is also within about 5 minutes walking distance. You may be able to get a bus here if the Koyodai bus schedule doesnt work for you. From the Fuketsu Wind Cave parking lot and gift shop, face the road, and walk to your right. You will be walking along the right side of the road if you are on the sidewalk. 200m you will pass the entrance to Hyoketsu Ice Cave. Keep walking another 200m and you will see the Solar Cafe on your left. The Embassy is about 300m past the Koyodai Bus Stop, along the main road, on the right side. To avoid walking on the busy Rt. 139, please cross the street and follow the small paved diagonal road towards Koyodai. Take the first left, after the big cabbage field, a small dirt road with a big rock and power pole at the entrance, and it will take you back to the 139 and directly to the Earth Embassy.

{{By Taxi}}

If you miss the last local bus from Kawaguchiko station. (Busses stop running between 5-7pm), you should take a taxi. The ride is 3000 to 4000yen.

{{By Foot}}

You can ask for maps at Kawaguchiko Station tourist information center. Or print the map on top of this page. Walking – It is about 12km along Route 139. expect 2 hrs walking. Hiking – There is a nice hiking trail to the Solar Cafe from Kawaguchiko, over Sanko Dai and Koyodai Mt. It is a half day hike (about 4 hrs) through the mountains with some beautiful views.

{{FROM NARITA AIRPORT}}    You can take a train or bus to Shinjuku from Narita Airport.  Trip is about 1.5hrs.  Easiest is bus. Take the Orange Limousine Bus, which is just outside the exit after you pass customs bag check.  Tickets can be purchased at counter inside. When you get off the bus in Shinjuku, the Keio Highway Bus Center is just around the corner, behind the bank in front of you, and adjacent to Yodabashi Camera (giant electronics store.  (see above for bus directions to Kawaguchiko/Solar Cafe).   Train is a more scenic and relaxing ride, but you have to go down 4 floors at the airport and look for the Narita Express Train to Shinjuku.  Local trains are cheaper, but take a long time and you may need to transfer.  When you arrive in Shinjuku, look for the West Exit, and the Keoi Highway bus center, across the street from Keio Department Store and adjacent to Yodabashi Camera. Travel safe, and see you when you get here!!!

鳴沢村8529-74、山梨県、JAPAN T401-0320


ソーラーカフェは山梨県の鳴沢村、国道139号線沿いにあります。この国道は富士五湖を結ぶ国道です。 最寄りの駅は河口湖駅で東京からバスや電車で簡単にアクセスできます。   車でお越しの方)中央高速道路を富士急ハイランドの次、河口湖出口へ向かいます。河口湖出口から右にまがって国道139号線へでます。すかいらーくやガストレストラン、セブンイレブンを抜けて約2kmほどの距離を10−15分ほど進むと、71号線の信号と消防署が見えてきます。そのまままっすぐ139号線を1kmほど進むと、右手に地球大使館、ソーラーカフェがあります。 バスでお越しの方) 東京、新宿の西口高速バスターミナルより、河口湖行きの京王高速バスが1時間に1回の割合で出ています。約1.5時間の乗車で1700円です。   河口湖駅より ソーラーカフェの最寄りのバス停の紅葉台まで行くローカルバスが出ています。河口湖駅より本栖湖行きのバスに乗り、約23分で紅葉台に着きます。紅葉台のバス停から国道139号線をバスの方向(西湖方面)に5分ほど歩くと右手にソーラーカフェがあります。道路は混雑する場合などがありますので、道路の向こう側にある歩道を歩いてください。最終バスは5時20分になり、夏は7時23分になります。(変更する場合がありますので、富士急バスのホームページで確認の上、お越し下さい。) 京王高速バス予約 0555-72-5111. 富士急バス 0555-72-6877.   ソーラーカフェ周辺の地図はこちら **ソーラーカフェの最寄りの駅は紅葉台になりますが、風穴からもお越し頂けます。風穴のバス停から139号線をまっすぐ河口湖方面に200mほど歩きますと、氷穴が右手に見えてきます。そのまままっすぐ歩いて約10分ほどで左手にソーラーカフェが見えてきます** タクシーでお越しの方) 河口湖駅にはタクシー乗り場があります。 料金は3000円から4000円になります。 徒歩でお越しの方) 河口湖駅の観光インフォメーションで周辺マップが手にはいります。 139号線を約12km(2時間ほど)、西湖の方面に向かって歩いて頂きますと、右手にソーラーカフェがあります。 ハイキングー河口湖からソーラーカフェまでつなぐ、素敵なトレイルがあります。 三湖台と紅葉台を通ってソーラーカフェまで約4時間のハイキングになります。



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