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ATOMHOUSE© builds and delivers sustainable homes and secure greenhouses that provide fresh food, purified water and energy security for residences, apartments, hotels and more...

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Extreme Weather Resistance

Steel frame construction and hurricane enforced roofs provide durability and can be augmented with automated storm shutters and Japanese amado.


Passive Solar Comfort

Keep the outside seasons out, and the inside comfortable year round. Thermal windows and a super insulated R40 shell. Sunlight heats the house on cold winter days and adjustable louvers create the right amount of shade to keep the house cool in the heat of summer.




 Factory precision construction allows fully customizable  modular homes in various combinations, finishes and styles from tiny homes to luxury retreate

Green Lifestyle & Natural Interiors

Light filled, comfortable interiors of wood and glass, finished with safe toxin-free natural materials. 

Energy Efficient

Low running costs; smart switches, LED, Energy-star appliances.  Available with solar PV, grid tie and battery options.



Customize your style, colors and materials with our online ordering support. 

Delivered globally in standard ISO 10', 20' and 40' shipping container sizes.

Select an Exterior 


Secure Steel Unit 
- Custom paint. Choose any color  

- Flame Retardant Siding
        from $95 per sqft  **


Atom Style 
- Expansive Views & Passive Solar Heat

- Modern Wood Siding 

- 4 Season Insulation 

        from $120 per sqft  **

Super Insulated Unit
- For the tough weather spots

- Wood or Metal Siding 
- Insulation R 50

        from $135 per sqft  **

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Model Home

 Eden Grow Home

Prototype in Japan

One Simple Building              Everything You Need

Self sufficient housing with food, energy and water production.

 "Our team of architects, farmers, and eco-tech guys are putting all their best bits together into this extremely secure and comfortable home. The Eden Grow Home's hybrid construction combines a steel arch greenhouse with hydroponic gardens, natural living spaces and energy independence in a compact house, deliverable in 40' shipping containers to communities globally."  

                                                                                             -   Designer, Jacob Reiner        

the Eden Grow Home...

  • grows tomatoes, lettuce, veggies, fruit, herbs, fish & chickens and more....

  • collects, filters & stores rainwater

  • passive solar heating & cooling  -  year round comfort

  • carbon neutral  & energy positive  (produces more energy than it consumes)

  • auto-climate control   -  smart phone app/remote video link

  • recycles green waste 

  • modular designs     *** easy to assemble and deliverable anywhere.

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