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Premium Indoor-Outdoor Living

Total Area

115 sqm

Starting at



Garden Room, Passive Solar Core, Outdoor Lounge & Fire Place, Hydroponic Growing

*   Custom size and floor plan.
** Optional food, water and energy packages.

    Contact us for pricing and availability.



The ATOM VILLA provides ample indoor-outdoor living areas wrapped around a passive solar core for a highly efficient home with natural living incorporated into the design. The house center is an arch roof room for a light filled interior with a high ceiling to allow for flexible layout and indoor garden room options.

All season use is comfortable in any weather with our customized louvers or sliding glass wall systems. Clients can select climate packages whether they live in temperate winter zones or tropical locations, with our smart heating and cooling systems to reduce utility costs and carbon foot print.

Sustainable Living Package

Select your own ATOMFARM add-ons to provide fresh food, clean water and energy security to your home for healthy living in any environment.


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