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Sustainable housing with food, water and energy around a central greenhouse space.

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AtomTower, Rooftop Gardens, Central Greenhouse, Co-working Lounge.

*   Custom size and floor plan.
** Optional food, water and energy packages.

    Contact us for pricing and availability.



The PUEBLO is a village contained in a single building, named after the native communities in the American Southwest desert. Designed with ancient wisdom and modern comfort, the structure draws its function from original sheltering cave with a cool dry interior warmed by the sun.

Apartments and suites with flexible layouts provide a space for extended family living or hotels and workcation facilities. A central greenhouse creates year round indoor garden living and food production for residents and guests.


Sustainable Living Package

Select your own ATOMFARM add-ons to provide fresh food, clean water and energy security to your home for healthy living in any environment.


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