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Upstate Mushroom Farm in Horse County

Mushrooms are nature's greatest recycling system, actively breaking down waste material and freeing nutrients for uptake into the food cycle. But as natural forest and field habitat have turned to pasture and farm land we risk losing the essential mycellium network that underpins the global nutrient cycle.

The simple solution, the timeless relationship of Mushrooms x Horses. Since the 1800's when horse carriages were the main transport on the streets of New York City to the present era of mass factory farming, livestock waste disposal has been a challenge. But farmers since time immemorial have known that mushrooms thrive in paddy fields, and early human animal husbandry likely developed in conjunction with recycling manure to create the first mushroom farms,

Bringing together this ancient knowledge with modern know-how, we developed an ATOMFARM mushroom system for a suburban equine estate in Upstate New York. The energy efficient structure produces a top quality mushroom growing substrate using a solar powered sterilization system with an inoculation lab and climate controlled grow rooms.

The base system produces about 2800kg per month of fresh Shitake, Enoki and Lions Mane or 400kg of dried suppliment powder. The fruiting chambers are set into shipping containers so the system is easily expandable over time as the owners needs grow, allowing initial capital investment to be kept low as the companies develops it sales line for value added product.

Modular steel roofing assembly allows expandable design with hurricane proof structure.

Ground screws are used to avoid heavy concrete foundations and have minimized impact on site environment.

Once the incubation period is finished the mycelium roots are established in the compost blocks and ready for the 2 to 3 month fruiting cycle,

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