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Announcing the launch of Sterling-Atom systems.

After 18 months of hard work and planning we are proud to announce the launch of Sterling-Atom. Maeno-san at MashUp. the leading pioneer in Japanese frozen food tech, has brought together ATOM and Stirling-Japan to develop advanced cooling systems for our mushroom and strawberry production systems.

Maeno-san with CEO Takano, Stirling-Japan

" The proof is in the fin"

Stirling Japan is building on their recent success with compact vaccine transport boxes with and expanded line of cryocoolers. The newly patented engines are already producing -180°C from a standard 100v wall outlet, in under 2 minutes with 70% energy reduction compared to a standard compressor. Best of all, we are doing this with no CFCs and polluting refrigerant gasses . The team expects our tech will displace 30% of existing compressors systems in Japan by 2030.

The project is bringing together a small consortium of manufactures to produce a Made in Japan product and establish a leadership role in Stirling applications and product development.

Thanks in cooperation with the support of Nagai Vicars, Komiyama Electronic, Tokyo Cornell Alumni Association,

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