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Saiko International House

The iconic International Seminar House at Lake Saiko is an acclaimed post-modern masterpiece built circa 1990 as a private education retreat center.  The spacious concrete structure houses a large seminar room with a Mt Fuji view, dining for 40, a rooftop penthouse with expansive wooden deck and master bath, 2 guest bathrooms and a separate apartment on the ground floor.

Orginally built with an accompanying Kamakura beach house by the same architect, the owners have decided to spend more time by the seaside and are now offering this rare home for sale.

3 1/2 BATH
2 Kitchen




Located on a large lot 5 min walk from Izuminoyu Onsen, cafes and camping along the popular Kuwarubi Beach at Lake Saiko with swimming, windsurfing, fishing, canoeing etc. 

Ideal for a private family retreat or corporate training center, the property has many possiblilities.



- 1hour 40minutes to central Tokyo by car.

- 20 minutes to Kawaguchiko Station

- 20 minutes to Fuji Q Highland

- 25 minutes to Fuji Ten Ski Resort

Land Area ​- 1287 sqm

Floor Area ​- 425 sqm

Asking Price

Y100,000,000 JPY   ( $901,000 USD )


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