Mt Fuji Natural Farms




Location:   Asagiri Highland, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan


Land:         5 hectare. Combined zoning of agricultural land and farm conservation zoning 青地, 農地.


Buildings:    600sqm production & bottling facility.   80sqm log home.  60sqm office and R&D kitchen.


Project:    Design, planning and operations establishment of an organic farm and production facility.  Mt Fuji Natural Farms is working farm designed to develop and brand food products, and also as an education center and cooperative processing facility for local farmers.



  • Bottled Water High capacity water well was drilled on-site to serve the bottling plant producing 350ml PET high quality fresh drinking water. Bottled water is sold under a variety of labels including  the Whatever It Takes project, using celebrity artwork by George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Penelope Cruz etc, and donating 10% of sales to charities.

  • Salad Dressing Herb and berry dressings using all natural ingredients.

Social Mission:   The project aims to revitalize farming in Japan by encouraging young people to join our education programs and start their own fields, while also bringing fresh hands, organic products and new marketing channels to the aging Japanese farmers who have the land and talent but have lost momentum and whom, given an infusion of information and support, will be able to guide the new generation of farmers as they redevelop an ecologically sound agriculture catered to the modern economy.


Project Principals:     J. Reiner,  T. Takei,  R. Martin


Client:      Meisuo (Shanghai) - 7 Yello (Osaka) . Joint Venture   


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