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Tengu is a family run business which got its roots over 20 years ago at Jack and Fay’s kitchen table when they realized there was a real need in Japan for natural and healthy foods so hard to find here. What started as a small import business has grown into one of the nation’s main wholesale and mail order provider for organic and vegetarian foods.

Whether you run a shop, a restaurant or just want a healthier home kitchen, Tengu has everything from baked goods, baby foods and breakfast cereals to fair trade coffee, organic jams, herbal remedies and hearty soups.  Home delivery to anywhere in Japan is prompt and they also have a full line of all-natural home cleaning supplies, soaps and shampoos.

Visit the Tengu Natural Foods and Alishan Organic Center website for easy online ordering.

Tengu Natural FoodsTengu Natural Foods
Tengu Natural Foods is a nation wide mail order service for organic vegetarian foods, environmentally sound cleaning supplies, and more to make life just that much happier and healthier. We ship anywhere in Japan in just a few days (all things being as they should). Place your Tengu order now with a few simple steps and share in the goodness.

Join us at the Alishan CafeJoin us at the Alishan Cafe
By the big tree on the shores of the Koma River.
You can find the Alishan Cafe, and on the weekends the Tengu Shop, which brings along good food and good people as we travel full circle in that magic cycle of nature’s growth. Come join us.

Come see what\'s happening!
Come see what\'s happening!
A room with a View. On the second floor of our red barn overlooking the Koma River and brushed by the leafy branches of the trees surrounding the Alishan Cafe. Find out more about or upcoming events.